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However you found us, whatever reason brought you here, we welcome you. This is a safe place to look into how to live with the disease of alcoholism and addiction. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from addiction or are learning about it as a loved one trying to help. Dealing with these topics is a very sensitive subject. At times a soft approach is needed and others a straight forward “tough love” path is required.

In reality no one can ever “beat” addiction. It’s not something that you can take a pill to recover from. Or treat it for a period of time and poof it’s gone.

Stay close, read, listen and watch as we cover everything from getting 1 day clean to living a happy and healthy life decades into a sobriety.


Hi I’m Kevin Crump

As the founder of ADDCTD.com and the host of the ADDCTD podcast I thank you for being here. I have been sober since December of 1996. It is my passion to pass on the gifts so freely given to me over the years. These gifts go back to my first day clean and sober waking up in an adolescent detox unit at the age of 17. As many 12 step and other spiritual and religious principals suggest I was loved by everyone around me until I could love myself. Day by day I started building a foundation in this new found way of living.

Learn about my path as I shares my journey through the ADDCTD Podcast. Meet the people who have helped along the way. Together we’ll look at today’s issues in and around addiction from a completely different point of view.

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